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since 01 April 2001.

Version 8 of WinBMD is now available on the FreeBMD website at href="" .

29/JAN/2019 --- SCAN 2 site data failure. ---

data is recovered and any lost data has been reconstructed.
If you see anything wrong still then let Alan or myself know.
Cheers Derek

29/JAN/2019 --- SCAN 2 New 1886 Scans. ---

We are now transcribing 1886 Birth Scans whick at double page scans.
Please transcribe only one page to an allocation, Each page is allocated seperately.
Please check the reported errors on a "Send to Scan2". Most of you have low repported errors

Afew of you have a HIGH NUMBER of reported errors. The cause is mainly due to punctuation errors or using the wrong District Names.
The rules have changed from 1983 you were doing before. If you nweed help please contact Alan, Brian or Myself for details.
Cheers Derek

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The above link gives important new information to Scan2 Transcribers.

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