SCAN2 Syndicate - 101) FreeBMD Corrections System in Scan2

A) Load a new SS from freeBMD Corrections Database: -
B) Apply Owners to Our Corrections Database: -
C Apply Scan2 Page IDs to Our Corrections Database: -
D) Generate updates to FreeBMD as a SS -
E) Generate missing FreeBMD file names -
I) Accept / Reject Proposed Change - One item Uses options below
- -
F) Create an INI to Fix 150 items (max.) -
G) Run part one of INI to Fix 100 items (use standard FixUp routine) -
H) Accept / Reject Proposed Change - Five items Uses options below
J) Check and Clear INI completed items. -
- Uses options below
- Sort:
L) List our File Uses options to right Member's Scan2 Number:
T) Summery total by transcriber Member's FreeBMD Submitter ID:
This entry is Case Sensitive
S) Summery total by state State:
R) Summery total by correction type Correction type:
- -