25 SCAN2 Syndicate - Action Lists (Administrative)

4)Email Differences Select Report Format:
4a) New Allocation Flagged (units) Table list on screen
4b) New Allocation Needed (units < umin) CSV list
4c) Allocation Flagged (units > u56d > 0) as download
4d) Allocation Flagged (u56d = 0) .
4e) Personnel Message(s) Set .
5) Reset Requested .
5e) TYP/FIX Activity Logs (please set date) .
5a) On-Line Activity Logs (please set date) .
5f) Past NEW On-Line Logs (please set date) .
5b) Last Activity (please set date)
5c) Current Allocation on (please set date) .
5d) Current Transcribed on (please set date) .
7)No Activity since 2 months .
7a)No Activity since 1 month .
7b)No Activity since 2 months using LNS date .
7c)Active Transcriber and LNS date is zero .
7d)In-Active Transcriber and LNS date is zero .
8)@ Team Members Status .
8a)Ateam Members Status Select sort order:
8b)Manual Allocations Status as Scan_ID
6)Next Pages to Allocate as Surname
9)Upload status E as Freebmd_id
A) Uploaded to FreeBMD but All on Scan2 as Last Activity
B) Uploaded to Scan2 but not on FreeBMD as LNS Activity
2) List of Realocations Email Follow Up:
2a) List of FreeBMD Deleted Members.