72 SCAN2 Syndicate - Reconcilliation with FreeBMD

1) Flagged Header Errors (E) Select Report Format:
2) Flagged Not uploaded to FreeBMD (N) Table list on screen
3) Flagged Not sent to Scan2 (U) CSV list
4) Flagged Not sent to Scan2 (R) as download
5) Freebmd Email is Corrections@scan2.ca (Active) .
6) Email differences (Active Transcribers) .
7) Email differences (In-Active Transcribers)Select sort order:
8) Freebmd Email is Corrections@scan2.ca (NON-Active) as Scan_ID
9) Active Members not on Scan2 List as Page_ID
A) NON-Active Members on Scan2 List as Flaggs (Descending)
B) as Last Activity
C) Do FreeBMD Members Comparison Email Follow Up:
R) DELETED Using the file
E) Do Scan2 List Comparison
D) Do FreeBMD comparison for Year event: Quarter: